AJ De Carvalho Abreu

Nombre y apellidos: AJ De Carvalho Abreu


Nacionalidad: South African

American Citizen: No

Pasaporte Comunitario: No

Tipo de puesto:Coach

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    I’ve been a committed rugby player throughout my school, club and semi pro career at various clubs in
    South Africa and also in London, United Kingdom.
    In 2008, I was forced to stop playing due to an injury, which led me to the world of coaching to stay part of
    the sport.
    an energetic, talented and resourceful Rugby Coach with extensive experience and expertise in the
    delivery of quality Rugby coaching, leading and mentoring successful teams.
    Affable and confident with excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to
    form a rapport with players, engaging their interest and using a natural flair for bringing out the best in
    those I coach.
    I lead by example, setting high personal standards and being a source of inspiration to players. Organised,
    analytical and methodical with the ability to work on numerous complex tasks concurrently whilst
    remaining focussed on objectives. Conscientious with integrity and an ability to gain the respect and trust of
    those I coach.
    Performance oriented with the passion and drive required to succeed.

    Date of Birth:
    24th February 1982
    South African
    EU residency until December 2020
    Current Position:
    Head Coach of High Performance in Hannover, Germany
    Currently contracted to:
    Niedersächsische Rugby Verband
    SG Odin/VfR06
    English &
    Understand German
    Understand Portuguese

    Rugby Qualifications:
    Landes Sport Bund C
    Licence (
    Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes C
    Licence (German
    Olympischen Sportbundes B Licence (German Rugby) 2 November 2019
    Deutsche Rugby Verband Referee D
    Licence (
    IRB Level 1 & 2 Accredit Rugby Coach
    (South Africa)
    IRB Level 1 and WP Rugby Union Referee
    Referee Workshop at WP Rugby Union
    Coaching summit at WPRU
    Stormers coaching staff in 2017
    Scrum Workshop at WP Rugby Union
    Coach Matthew Proudfoot (Assistant Coach for Stormers and Scrum Coach for Springboks)
    Boksmart Course:
    Boksmart Number BS 0057438
    Online Courses:
    Certificate Concussion General Public, Certificate First Aid, Certificate Level 2 15 a Side,
    Certificate Officiating 15
    a side, Certificate Strength & Conditioning level 1 & 2

    2018 / 2019

    Head Coach High Performance Centre & Niedersächsische Rugby
    Verband (

    u16 National Team Coach Deutsche Rugby Verband (

    Coaching Director SG Odin/VFR Club Seniors (1 st Bundesliga)

    Development Coach Odin Women’s Rugby (
    2017 / 2018

    Head Coach Rugby Club Lousã (Portugal Honor

    Head Coach Rugby Academy Lousã (

    Developments & Skills Coach Portugal u20 National Team
    2016 / 2017

    Coaching Director & Head Coach Rugby Clube de Santarém,

    Development Coach u14 , u16 & u18 at the Portugal Rugby
    Federation (

    Head Coach Goodwood RFC 1 st Team Seniors (Super B League
    Cape Town)


    Head Coach Goodwood RFC 1 st Team Seniors

    Head Coach Goodwood RFC u20 (Super B league Cape

    Head Coach Fairmont High School u16 (Cape Town)

    Head Coach Goodwood RFC u20 Team

    Head Coach Fairmont High School u15 (Cape

    Head Coach Edgemead Primary School u13 A (Cape

    Head Coach Durbanville High School u14 (Cape

    Head Coach Edgemead Primary School u13 B (Cape

    Head Coach Edgemead Primary School u9 (Cape

    Head Coach Edgemead Primary School u11 (Cape

    Head Coach Edgemead Primary School u8 (Cape

    Assistant Coach Masi Pumas 2 nd XV Team Seniors (Cape

    2019 •
    Winning 2 nd Bundesliga

    Winning RegioCup (Provincial Cup) 2018 (

    Shortlist candidate for Finland National Team

    Head Coach High Performance Centre & Niedersächsische Rugby

    Head Coach Regional Cup Team Seniors (

    u16 National Team Coach Deutsche Rugby Verband

    Runner up in the Liqor Beirão Cup (

    Shortlist candidate for u20 Ukraine National Team

    Development & skills coach for Portugal National u20

    Development coach at the Portugal Rugby Federation (

    Finishing 4 on the overall Portugal Championship with Santarém

    Winning the u18 Taça De Portugal (Shield)


    Runner up in the Johan Rossouw Tournament

    Runner up on the overall log for WP Championship and

    Being on the short list as Head Coach for the Strathclyde University

    Winning the WPRU Super Championship with Goodwood RFC u20

    Six Fairmont players included in the u15 Western Province
    Identification team.

    Promote and develop the sport of rugby.
    Analyse matches and training sessions to select the best players and to develop players to maximum abilities
    Train the players excel in the game of rugby by teaching them the right techniques, tactics and strategies.
    Conduct practice sessions and monitor the performance of each player.
    Promote the feelings of team spirit, fairness, discipline, leadership skills and the ability to take initiative.
    Coordinate activities with the manager/staff to maintain records of the player’s personal details, their medical tests and re
    por ts and schedules of the
    various competitive events.
    Act as liaison between the chairman/technical director and the players and communicate messages between the two parties.
    Provide support to the players in following their exercising regimes, diet plans and workout modules in disciplined manner.
    Create a safe and calm environment for players to train in.
    Always researching to improve myself and to stay a student of the game.
    Key Skills
    Teaching players techniques to ensure their safety as well as their opponents.
    Proficiency in playing the game of rugby and other sports as well.
    Highly competent in teaching and training players master the game of rugby.
    Ability to communicate articulately, take initiative and provide leadership.
    Strong emphasis on regulations and discipline.
    Superior planning and analytical skills.
    Strong on the defensive structure.
    Helping players with self believe and motivation.

    coach because of my passion for the game of Rugby. I believe that in order to be successful, the coaching programme
    needs to be of the highest standard and place emphasis on, and value work ethic.
    I give absolute commitment to all players and my coaching/management team in order to achieve the goals of the
    union/club. I also believe the values of every union/club and their community need to appreciated. I focus on developing
    individuals and instil the need to hold themselves accountable and responsible for their personal development and
    I endeavour to create an environment that encourages players to learn and progress both on and off the playing field. I
    firmly believe that in order to be successful in an high pressure environment, while working with highly motivated and
    committed athletes, that it is important to give the players the platform and ability to provide input in order to be
    successful in delivering a high quality programme.
    I keep studying new and better technique because I am a student of the game
    . I strive for
    “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand”


    American Citizen

    Community Passport