German Aranda

Nationality: Argentina
Birth: 11.04.88
Position: Tight Head Prop – Loose Head Prop
Weight: 118 kg Height: 1.80

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    Clubs and Competitions
    Formed in Chaco Rugby Club (UAR) Northeast Regional Tournament
    Sixty Rugby Club 2009 – 2016 (UAR) Northeast Regional Tournament
    Olivos Rugby Cub 2017 (UAR) Buenos Aires Rugby Union Tournament
    Club de Rugby Sant Cugat 2017 (FER) Division de Honor B (Temporary Contract)
    Curitiba Rugby Club 2018 (CBRU) Brazil Super 16
    Paraguay Rugby Union 2019 – South American 6 Nations
    Timisoara Saracens 2019 (FRR) CEK BANK Cup
    Orkan Sochaczew 2020 (FPR) Polish Rugby Tournament

    I have played in important leagues in the Northeast of Argentina such as the Unión de Rugby del Nordeste. I have also played for the Buenos Aires Rugby Union. As the years went by, I had the opportunity to make the leap as a professional rugby player by traveling to Spain and playing the DH in Spain, and then continuing in the SUPER 16 in Brazil (where
    we had 3rd place). Then I was able to play for A short time in Portugal to return to Argentina and return to play in the Northeast Rugby Union. In 2019 I am called from Timisoara SARACENS (Romania) to play the CEK BANK cup together with great National and International players such as (NZ, Georgia, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Romania) in the same year they call me to be part of the selection of Rugby Del Paraguay where I played the South American 6 Nations. I am Argentine, but my maternal grandmother was born in Paraguay and for that reason I have been able to play for her national team. In 2020 I have traveled to play the Polish Ekstraliga where unfortunately I was 2 weeks due to the pandemic (All the players hired had to return home) Currently I am working hard in Buenos Aires to be able to have a great 2021 in the club that wants to give me the opportunity PERSONAL AND TEAM ACHIEVEMENTS Personally, I have exceeded my expectations of being able to be an Elite player and dedicate myself 100% to Rugby in great clubs in the world and play in a national team, I have also learned a lot about fixed formations, scrum and line out. under 16 17 18 19 coach in Spain, Brazil and Portugal. Like this, I also had the pleasure of playing, winning the scrum and contacting large players, very strong and powerful players from Oceania, Europe, America, etc.

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