German Gudiño

Nationality Argentina
Height: 1.69 m
Weight: 96 kg
GYM (max weight)
Flat bench press: 205 kg / 1 rep
Barbell squat: 230 kg / 4 rep
Standing military press: 110 kg / 4 rep
Pull ups: body weight + 30 kg / 8 rep

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    I consider myself a very persevering athlete with great capacity for adaptation and resilience. I enjoy the demand and the new challenges. My advantages are based on contact and intense physical effort, mainly in the tackle gainst the penetration of the ball carrier adversary, stopping the game continued and in the scrum. I have played since childhood from all positions within the first line, specializing lately in left pillar. I knew how to bring physical strength to my size with a lot of gym work and intensity for a strong contact with theopponent. I manage very well in human groups that favor unity and good coexistence

    ARGENTINA (2019): National Competition Club – Marista Rugby Club
    Third place of National Tournament “Nacional de Clubes”
    (Most important Tournament)
    Second place of National Tournament “Torneo del interior A”
    Champion Tournament “Top 8 Cuyano – Regional Oeste”
    SPAIN (2017-2018): Heineken league, Division of Honor of
    Spain – Independiente Rugby Club Santander. Award:
    Recognition to the date player. Position: # 1 proop
    ARGENTINA (2013-2017): First division. 2015 Champion
    Tournament. 2014. Award: “Best player in the First Division 2014
    Marista Rugby Club”
    ARGENTINA (2014-2015): National Competition. “Unión de
    Rugby de Cuyo” (Regional Team). Playing National
    Tournament – 1° league


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