Libardo Publio Uribe Peláez

1.83 cm
103 Kg
Segunda linea, pilar, numero 8
24 años

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    Rugby player with 5 years of experience at amateur level, with multiple sporting awards including disciplinary and outstanding player, I count with participation in national tournaments at regional level in capital rugby selection, and with many minutes on the field playing the league tournament of the capital contributing to obtain second and third place in the final tables. I count with numerous participations in spaces of rugby concentration in which I have performed in the best way giving good impressions in skills related to rugby.

    Jugador de Rugby Jan 2018 – Jan 2019
    Ciudad Bolívar Rugby Club, Bogotá, Colombia
    Cradle institution where I had all the tools and instruction to start in rugby, participating in Rugby 7’s, Beach Rugby, and Rugby X tournaments. Also obtaining sporting awards that same year.

    Jugador de Rugby Feb 2019 – Oct 2021
    Coyotes Rugby Club, Bogotá
    Training institution in which I reinforced my sporting knowledge, getting more opportunities to play and compete at an advanced level, participating in the local tournament in the capital and achieve stand out in the squad of players achieving ownership in a couple of
    months and getting podium in the final table of positions on 3 occasions.

    Jugador de Rugby Nov 2021 – Mar 2022
    Racing Cafeteros Rugby Club, Armenia
    Foreign sports team in which I achieved a signing and an opportunity to play to further strengthen my sports knowledge and get better skills, also participating in the internal tournament in the region achieving an exceptional role and fulfilling the tasks directed.

    Jugador de Rugby Mar 2022 – Present
    Coyotes Rugby Club, Bogotá
    Return to immediate incorporation into the club due to a fragmented
    administration and failure of terms in the previous club, participating
    again in internal tournaments in the capital actively until the present.

    Extracurricular activities
    Logistics Apr 2022 – Sep 2022
    Torneo Rugby Bogotá, Bogota
    Volunteer in logistics for the development of the internal tournament, fulfilling tasks of accommodation of the game spaces, delimiting
    areas of players, fans, among others.


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