Nuno Gonzaga Ferreira

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    – Professional MSc in Tactical Periodization – Periodização Tática por Vítor Frade (june 2020 to june 2022)
    – MSc Professional Development in Coaching Science – Hartpury College and University Centre, Gloucester, Inglaterra (2017-2018)
    – Frequency in Human Kinetics – Instituto Piaget, Almada (2010-2013)
    – Frequency in Industrial and Management Engeneering – FCT Universidade Nova, Caparica (2005-2009)
    – High-school Diploma in Arts – Escola Secundária do Restelo, Lisboa (2001-2004)

    – Coaching 15-a-side | Level 3 – World Rugby and Rugby Europe (2018)
    – Professional Sports Coach | Rugby Level 2 – Portugal Rugby Union (2017)
    – Coaching 7-a-side | Level 1 – World Rugby and Rugby Europe (2016)
    – Professional Sports Coach | Rugby Level 2 – Portugal Rugby Union (2012)
    Others certificates (Federação Portuguesa de Rugby):
    o General movement of the game | Level 2 (2017)
    o Principal and system of play Portugal National teams (2017)

    – U20 Portugal National team (2014/2015)
    Period of monitoring and apprenticeship with the Portuguese under-20 team in order to analyze and understand new training methodologies and the structuring of an idea / game model. Technical support in preparation for competitions.
    Achievements: 2nd place in the Rugby Europe u20 Men XV Championship (2014); 7th place in the Junior World Trophy 2015
    – GLOUCESTER RUGBY (Agosto 2016 e durante a época 2017/18)
    Learning period with the Gloucester Rugby professional team (English Premiership, Challenge Cup and Anglo-Welsh Cup). Accompaniment of the staff in the training sessions and experience of the entire Professional Environment and High Sports Performance

    CASCAIS RUGBY – Grupo Dramático e Sportivo de Cascais (2019.20):
    – 1st XV Head Coach (Premiership and Portuguese Cup);
    – 2nd XV Head Coach (Europcar Challenge Cup);
    – Club Skills Coach;
    – Youth Coordinator.

    Achievements: “Coach of the year” in the 20th Cascais City Council Sports Gala 2020.
    CASCAIS RUGBY – Grupo Dramático e Sportivo de Cascais (2018.19):
    – 1st XV Head Coach, from December 2018 (Premiership and Portuguese Cup);
    – Assistant, Backs and Skills coach, until December 2018;
    – U14 Head Coach.

    Achievements: Champions of the 2nd Division Sevens Championship.
    PORTUGAL RUGBY UNION (de 2011 até 2019) – por funções:
    – Technical Advisor/Coach Portugal u20 (from July 2017 until July 2019)

    Achievements: 1º place in Rugby Europe u20 Men XV Championship 2018 e 2019 e qualification for Junior World
    Trophy 2018 e 2019.
    – National and Regional Academy Coach (from 2011 to 2018)
    o U14 (Associação Regional do Sul);
    o U16 (and u16 national team);
    o U17.

    ESCOLINHA DE RUGBY DA GALIZA (de 2006 até 2018)
    – Co-founder and Coachof the J.A.G.U.A.R. program, a program that results from the union of the teams of
    under 18 of the Escolinha de Rugby da Galiza and of the St. Julians Rugby School. With the main challenge of
    bringing together young people from different social backgrounds in the same team.
    o Roles:
    ▪ Head Coach (2016/17 e 2017/18)
    ▪ Assistant Coach (2014/15)
    – Co-founder and Coach of Escolinha de Rugby de Galicia, a sports program whose mission focuses on the social
    inclusion and human development of children and young adults in social neighbourhoods in the Estoril Region,
    o Roles:
    ▪ Head Coach Sub 16 (2010/11, 2012/13 e 2013/14);
    ▪ Head Coach Sub 14 (2011/12);
    ▪ Head Coach Sub 12 (2009/10);
    ▪ Head Coach Sub 10 (2006/07 até 2008/09).
    o Responsible for developing a Long Term Player Program;
    o Responsible for the Development of a Coaching Program.
    Other professional experiences:

    – Escola Avé-Maria / Fundação José Almeida Eusébio (Lisbon) in 2013 and from 2015 to 2017
    o Educator;
    o Physical Education teacher;
    o “Rugby Fun”, Extra-curricular activity for kids until the 6 years old.

    – IES (Instituto de Empreendedorismo Social), powered by INSEAD
    o Instructor of training methodology and social pedagogy at Boot Camp IES.

    – Missão País
    o Member of the 1st “Missão País” council. A program that would create activities in small villages
    in Portugal in order to connect university students with the country.

    Portuguese (fluent);
    English (fluent);
    Spanish (fluent).

    Other areas of interess:
    Sports Science (Metodologias de treino);
    Neuroscience (Imagens mentais, Marcadores somáticos e Tomada de decisão);
    Systems and Education purposes;
    Social Relationships;


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