Ricardo Zanero

Nombre y apellidos: Ricardo Zanero
Nacionalidad: Argentinian
American Citizen: No
Pasaporte Comunitario: Yes
Tipo de puesto:Coach

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    Rugby History

    I started playing rugby in 1976 at the age of five, playing divisions for children in the Gymnastics and Fencing Club of Buenos Aires until 1984. This year, change of club looking for new horizons and at that time the club played in the Third Division Rugby Buenos Aires.My choice leaned Club National Bank of the first division since it was active in my idol: Hugo Porta, with whom I could share the team from 1986 until his retirement. Another reason why I changed my institution, was due to the dynamic style of play which I enjoy.

    In ’84, I am selected to play a preliminary match against France Pumas. The team included the future promises of Argentine rugby. In 1986, I joined the youth team of Buenos Aires and in 1987 I joined the youth team of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires selected major and Pumitas who participated in the Youth World Cup of Berlin.

    From 1988 to 1992 I played in the greater Buenos Aires selected winning several championships Argentines also dispute several international matches as against Auckland, State Toulousian, Avyron Bayonnes, Springbok, etc.
    At club level, I conquered the title of champion of Buenos Aires in 1986 and 1989, also conquered the sevens, 1986, 1989 and 1990 Rugby de Buenos Aires.
    Internationally, the National Bank Club, competing in the series CANZ (Canada, Argentina and New Zealand). Competed by Argentina: San Isidro Club and Club National Bank. For Canada their selection, and New Zealand provincial teams: North Auckland, Waikato and Otago. Which beat the San Isidro Club, North Auckland and Canada finishing in second place in the tournament, behind Waikato.

    In 1990 the National Bank Club, for being the defending champion, played a match with the England team on tour in our country beating them in an entertaining encounter.The National Bank Club is the only club in Argentina he faced and defeated two national teams (Canada and England). In both wins I was present.

    In 1990-91 I joined the Argentine national team: The PUMAS during the World Cup qualifier against Canada playing test matches and the United States.
    During the years 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 was the tryman several championships.

    In the world of the ’91 season, after having seen the world of the British Isles, I moved to Italy where I fought at Arix Viadana club.

    In the years ’94, ’95 and ’96 I was selected to play in the South American Barbarians.

    From 1986 until 2000 I played in the first division of the Club Banco Nacion in positions of wing or inside / center ¾.

    In 2000 I moved to Spain making the ascent of the Complutense Cisneros Club Honor Division B to Division Honor A whole season playing as a center.

    2005-2006 Head Coach Lecco Rugby Serie B italy

    Coach and player Rugby Club Las Palmas im the Canary Island from 2006 to 2007.And playing like number 10 in Rugby Club Las Palmas.

    2007-2008 Head coach and player In England in the Ayelesford Rugby Football Club 3 division in England finishing in 3 position and playing play off to move up to 2 national.

    From 2008 to 2010 Head coach of Madrid Alcobendas Rugby Winning the National B championship and movim¡ng up to First Division.

    2010 to 2012 Head Coach of Tasman Rugby club in Madrid in 3 Division and we will play the play off to move up and playing in the second team.like number 10.
    2012-2014 Germany Hohen neuendorf Moving up with the first team from 3 division to 1 division, also Bradenburgh province head coach, and also sevens head coach

    2014-2015 Argentina Head coach first team Obras Sanitarias moving up from 4 division in buenos aires to 3 division

    2015-2016 head coach Estudiantes de Olavarria First team, also rugby developer in UROBA rugby

    2017-Head Coach Porteño Rugby 3 division Buenos Aires Argentina
    2017- 2019 Working in Buenos Aires Rugby Union (URBA) in the formation center for youth U16 and u17 like coach.

    2018-Head Coach First Division Banco Nacion

    2019-Head Coach First Division Austria Stade Rugby Wien ,
    Director of Rugby
    2019-2020 Asistant coach Austria Rugby Team

    Also referee since 2007 to 2012 in first division in spain.


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