Alejandro Cristian Moreno

FIRST NAME Alejandro Cristian
DATE OF BIRTH: 21-abr.-1973
CITIZEN: Argentina / Italiano
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Position of which game Prop / Hooker
height 1.85m (6 feet 1)
Weight in.115 kg (2 pounds) 18st

Spoken languages Spanish (mother tongue) French (fluent)

German (comprehension)


IRB WR UAR URBA COACH level 3 IRB WR strength and conditioning level 2

October 2019 I finished the 9-week course of sport management and talent at the University of Buenos Aires
Work as a head coach / specialist in Scrum and fws COACH
My work is currently the Coaching of the PUCARÁ club coaches
In children up to M14 player development and the long-term program, then FFix positions and basic skills of the RUGBY from M15 to M19 Fixed Formations and general game and on top campus in first only fixed formations …

Trajectory as a coach… In December 2017 , I start my job as RUGBY’s GRAL coordinator at PUCARÁ CLUB Buenos Aires ARG
in November 2015. at the Villa Maria Cordoba Argentina Jockey Club and the club’s HEAD COACH Rugby.
I participate in the Skills Rugby Acadamy team.

Since October 2014 to work as head coach at I Cavalieri Prato ITALIA RC
Since August 2014 to work as head coach and director of the sports club of the Belenos Rugby Club Asturias

2012/2013 was working in the high performance rugby center UnionL Alto Valle Patagonia (Argentina). Coach M17sSelected Patagonico (Argentina) patagonia
The coach of the first team at Roca Rugby Club (Argentina) He
was the director of a social rugby program in his province (Río Negro) Argentina.
FWS Coach at Leeds Carnegie Primiershep UK- 2010/2011 to 2011/2012 …

After a successful career as a player, he embarked on the role of head coach at the Leeds Carnegie RUFC at the start of the 2010 season, working together with the coach and the winner. of the Neil Back world cup. In a

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Italian ( Fluid) English (fluent)

Curriculum Vitae​ Alejandro Cristian Moreno /​ ​Rugby coach short space of time, the use of my ability to develop players effectively at all levels has successfully achieved the

goal of producing a very effective first line that is seen as a significant threat by their opposition counterparts. .

1Equipment jobs and responsabilidadesresponsabilidad …

  • ●  General to facilitate the development of the first line of the team and the main game of the scrum, including patterns of play and tactical options. Monitoring, evaluation and improvement of training programs. that is necessary
  • ●  Specialized in the development of scrum, rucktechniques, defensive, tactical aspects, making decisions in the game forward …
  • ●  The design of training programs and sessions based on the needs of individuals, in the scrum line, departures and the corresponding collective work …
  • ●  The analysis of the overall results of individual performance and team scrum, lineout, outputsmore instigateadjustments and modifications for optimal performance, resulting in Leeds scrum reaching a position of between 6 and 4 in the Aviva Premiership statistics.
  • ●  Working together with the team and the physical trainers to develop programs of physical fitness weights for the specialist and the forwards, working on the stability of the nucleus, the plans of resistance to power, the health of the spine and neck.
  • ●  The composition of the player profiles, the strengths of the player’s establishment, the weaknesses, the areas of development and the way of approaching the particular aspects of their training and both play a physical and psychological point of view. Activation of the objectives and individual goals that are established, thus giving a tool to measure the progression of a player.
  • ●  Review and preview both teams and individual players, motivate and make constructive comments, identifying areas where improvements will be made to develop more physical and gaming skills.
  • ●  The use of video to analyze, evaluate and identify individual, advanced and team performance, present the results of the follow-up meetings, the creation of a forum for coaches and players to work together in an active way, generating focus and objectives for the programmed games. .

The 2nd​ EAM and the functions and responsibilities of the Academy … 2nd

also worked with her​ Academy team (U14 – U21) with my reflection of the previous points, however, this feature also includes the approach for the team as a whole together with the coach of Acad, Emia.

  • ●  The creation of a base of fundamental preparation, physical and technical that results in successful individuals, with knowledge and physically prepared. Ultimately, the education, development and production of the potential top-notch players of the future.


  • ●  The mentor of young players in the ring results in the selection to represent the​ team and, in some cases,

    the progression to represent the​ team (currently there are several players represented by England U18).

  • ●  Development and distribution of one of the training sessions to U14 County teams, using a natural ability to nourish and identify natural capacity, which allows me to make the most of the player of the quarry. The end result is a highly motivated and specialized player who has been trained in a way that maximizes the capacity and potential of the young player.
  • ●  Conduct training sessions in educational settings: training and development of all aspects of the game, with an emphasis on the role of front-line players and the scrum, review and preview of skill games and sessions they cover attack and defense.

Team Perpignan Ladies 2002 – 2004

volunteered to perform a general training role for the Perpignan women’s team, assessing success and then instigating programs to develop individual and team performance. This culminated in the winning team of the French Championship two consecutive years (2002 and 2003).

Rugby career

I started playing rugby in my home country with Roca RC before joining San Fernando RC in 1998. Since then I moved to France to play in Agen and then in Italy, where I played in Parma for two years.

My first spell in the United Kingdom was with Worcester Warriors in the 2001-02 season, but he returned to France in 2002 to join the USAP, in which the team reached the final of the Rugby Championship Top 14 in 2004 against Stade Francais and the end of the Heineken Cup in the same year where the second position was achieved by losing against the rivals of Toulouse.

I returned to England to play for Leicester Tigers in 2004/2005 and debuted against Northampton and in my three seasons with the Premier club of England, we won the Guinness Premiership and the Anglo Welsh Cup in 2007 and reached the final of the Heineken Cup twice. . in 2006 and 2007.

In 2008 I left Welford Road and moved back to Italy to play Calvisano and L’Aquila, where my ability, experience and skill saw me as one of the most respected forwards of the super 10 competition. my role as a player / consultant for L’Aquila, came to the prestigious Super 10 Final of the Championship to lose to Prato in a very tough game at the end of the 2009 season.

After playing in Italy, I joined Leeds Carnegie and was part of of the team that maintained its first division status in 2010 … I

played my first international match for Argentina in 1998 in a 59-0 victory against Paraguay and played another three times for my country of origin, but in 1999 I went to represent Italy . My first appearance for Italy was against Tonga at Welford Road and have played four other times for Italians offering in its 1999 World Cup and 2002 Six Nations campaign


Senior career


1998/2000 2000-2001 2001-2002 2002-2004 2004-2005 2005-2008 2008 2008-2009 2009-2010

Excellent career

  • ●  SU Agen, Rugby Top
  • ●  SU Agen, Rugby Top
  • ●  Worcester Warriors, National League Finalist: 2002.
  • ●  USA. Perpignan, Rugby finalist Top 14: 2004 ..
  • ●  USA. Perpignan, finalist of the Heineken Cup: 2004.
  • ●  Leicester Tigers, winners of Guinness Premier: 2007.
  • ●  Leicester Tigers, winners of the FED National Cup: 2007.

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SU Agen, France
Parma, Italy
Worcester Warriors, England USA Perpignan, France
CA Brive, France
Leicester Tigers, England Calvisano, Italy
L’Aquila, Italy
Leeds Carnegie, England


RugbyTop 16
Italy Super 10 National League 1 Rugby Top 14 Rugby Top 14 Guinness
Italy super 10
Italy super 10 Guinness

  • ●  Leicester Tigers, Heineken finals Cup Finalist: 2006; 2007
  • ●  Tigers of Leicester, Guinness runner-up: 2006.
  • ●  L’Aquila, the Super Championship 10 Finalist: 2009.


    Years Country Caps Comp

page4image20198912 page4image20199104 page4image20199296 page4image20199488 page4image20199680 page4image20199872page4image20200064 page4image20200256 page4image20200448 page4image20200640 page4image20200832 page4image20201024

1998 Argentina 3

test matches 8 Six Nations

5 Six Nations, Rugby World Cup, summer tour in Argentina, South Africa. Tonga

page4image20201216 page4image20217856 page4image20218048 page4image20218240 page4image20218432 page4image20218624page4image20218816 page4image20219008

2003, 2004 Italy One 1999, 2002,2006, 2008 Italy

highlighted from his

page4image20219200 page4image20219392 page4image20219584 page4image20219776 page4image20219968 page4image20220160page4image20220352 page4image20220544 page4image20220736 page4image20220928 page4image20221120page4image20221312

  • ●  RBS Nations. Seiscarrera: 2002, 2006,2008
  • ●  Rugby World Cup: 1999.
  • ●  ArgentinaDebut: Paraguay v Argentina in Asunción Oct 3, 1998 W 59-0.
  • ●  Italy Debut: Italy v Tonga in Leicester, Rugby World Cup October 10, 1999, L 25-28.
  • ●  Italy Last test: Argentina v Italy in Cordoba June 28, 2008, W12-13

Amateur Clubs

Years of

1986-1997 Championship


RC Rock, Rio NegroNegro
of San Fernando, Buenos Aires


Provincial deyNational
Buenos Aires URBACampeonatospage4image20223616 page4image20223808page4image20224000 page4image20224192 page4image20224384 page4image20224576page4image20224768


  • ●  Roca RC, RíoUnder 19 provincial champions: 1991; 1992.
  • ●  RC Rock, provincial champions of Río Negro: 1993; 1994; nineteen ninety five; 1996.
  • ●  Roca RC, Provincial National Championship final Subcampeón: 1997
  • ●  Provincial Selection of Alto Valle: 1994; nineteen ninety five; nineteen ninety six; 1997.
  • ●  URBA Championship Buenos Aires. Revelation of the year 1​998

    Additional information

    invited as a guest of the New Zealand Rugby Club Rugby Club Super 14 during a sabbatical year in February 2010, which has improved and developed my skills and abilities. Also during this visit he had the privilege of meeting the renowned Scrum coach Mike Cron …

    HIGHLIGHTS Result: Professional Counselor
    ✓ Since October 2014 to work as a trainer at I Cavalieri Prato ITALY RC

    Achievements in adversity
    Appointment of sports journalists: The best coach of


He had arrived in Prato as a collaborator of the technical staff and, in a few weeks, he found himself in front of the first team. He is Alejandro Moreno, rugged
globetrotter that Tuscany has assumed the fate of a young
team and, obviously, is not prepared for the championship

of Excellence. However, the pylon, the use of the wealth
of experience accumulated over the years, we put the
face, knowledge and professionalism. In the orientation a
team left on time to its destination. Do not stay in Prato,
but your knowledge can be useful for other teams of
excellence. At the end of the championship, you will be
looking for an experienced forward. Moreno in this sense
is the ideal opportunity. Young, updated and linked to
Italy, a country that has met an engineer in 2000 thanks to
the call of Parma, followed by experiences in Calvisano
and L’Aquila. In their curriculum, Agen, Worcester,
Perpignan, Leicester and Brive stand out: a story that
narrates the qualities of a player in the field has always
sought excellence. And now in the bank, after the difficult season of Tuscany, the intention is to follow its sporting course in the world that has known in recent years the true rugby player his true skills.


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